Our research with Independent Social Workers tells us:

findafamilyexpert.com will:

71% Experienced difficulties with networking & getting sufficient work.

findafamilyexpert.com will: Connect you to our unique community of peers & clients.

63% Experienced issues with being able to respond to enquiries promptly.

findafamilyexpert.com will: Reduce time spent responding to enquiries.

92% Experienced frustration with the delay between enquiry & instruction.

findafamilyexpert.com will: Show confirmed work via a clear workflow feature.

60% Experienced problems with a lack of variety in their work.

findafamilyexpert.com will: Will enable you to increase diversity & choice in your work.

86% Experienced dissatisfaction with ISW agency commission.

findafamilyexpert.com will: Take no commission - You pay a fixed monthly membership fee.

If you have 5 years post-qualifying experience,
join us today to enjoy the benefits of findafamilyexpert.com

Findafamilyexpert.com gives you a bespoke, dynamic profile where you can market and showcase your skills, expertise and knowledge.

Solicitors, barristers, local authorities and other commissioners can search for you by name, expertise, timescales, costs and/or location.

They can then view your profile and download your CV before sending you a message via findafamilyexpert.com to instruct you.

Findafamilyexpert.com is designed by family experts for family experts; we’ll help you build your profile and we’ll support you via links to our thousands of LinkedIn connections.

Findafamilyexpert.com is unique because we help you to establish and sustain your relationship with your clients.

We will save you hours and money by reducing the non-billable costs associated with being an independent expert, including managing enquiries.

Through our WhatsApp group, you can be in touch with, talk to and discuss issues relevant to you with other family experts.

If you are new to independent social work, get in touch to talk about our ‘new kid on the block’ package which offers support, supervision and quality assurance of your first reports.

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Join our unique online community of independent experts
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An individual profile with your photograph or company logo
Details of the types of assessment you undertake and your costs
Details of your availability. Set filing dates for different assessment types
Provide geographical areas where you work, including international regions
Detail other languages you speak
Detail your niche expertise
Your CV, downloadable from the website
Individual workflow feature to track enquiries, confirmed constructions and messages
New member LinkedIn introductions to our thousands of LinkedIn connections
Join our Whatsapp group for quick access to other experts for queries and discussions