Guest Post: David Oldman

I attended the Independent SW event in Thetford on 13th May it was a pretty good event inspiring and thought provoking. I was particularly inspired by the Norfolk (East Anglia) Independent SW group, which seems to be an informal but focused group that offers support and general sharing of information etc. Indeed they instigated and planned the conference on 13th. The group looked really great and made me think about setting up something along the same lines in East Midlands (Lincolnshire, Grimsby, Humberside and nearby areas) would anyone else be interested in exploring this?

Currently, it is my opinion; we are not well served as Independents by existing Social Work organisations. We financially contribute in the expectation that they would be there to bang the drum on our behalf but in my view presently only do this half-heartedly, for example failing to campaign effectively for independent SW fees that should reflect our true worth. 
Perhaps we need to promote our own value and significance regarding the quality of the work we produce and positive work we do for families.


Jon Hird

24 December, 2019 - 09:12

I have been a little more fortunate as an ISW and attend an established supervision group convened by the Scottish association of social work in Edinburgh. We are a mixed discipline group which in my view enhances the quality of reflection on social work practice. As an independent, the group has been invaluable for me after leaving LA social work, providing comradeship, vital clinical supervision and has reduced the impact of isolation which I'm sure many an ISW will have faced.......

I agree that some of the more established social work associations could do more for independents and welcome findafamily expert's arrival!

Alison Boardman

10 January, 2020 - 10:01

Thanks for your kind comments Jon and I think it's important that we continue to build a community - it certainly assist my practice and development when I have a means to discuss and reflect.

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