I know social workers love a story, so let me tell you how this all began...

Victoria and I have worked together for many years running our independent social work consultancy. We live miles from each other, so rarely saw each other face to face; we relied on technology and mobile phones to manage enquiries and instructions, together with our small band of associates. 

We spoke often about the struggles of isolated working as independent social workers and missing a team. We spoke about managing enquiries and our workloads.We thought, well, if that’s how we feel, maybe others do too? We started chatting to other ISW’s and the same messages were being heard.  

So, one day when Victoria was on the school run with her little lad, G, and she was ruminating on how to make our work lives easier, cutting down on admin, and connecting with other independent social workers…and she came up with the BIG IDEA!
She called me and I put down my cup of tea and listened…and was born. 

18 months on, many late nights, and thousands of cups of tea later, and here we are!

We want to create a community where we can easily reach out to each other using technology and social media; we want to reduce our unpaid admin and manage enquiries better; we want more diversity in our work and we want to feel valued! 
In short, we want to start a revolution!

It’s been a fantastic and exhausting journey, but we are as passionate today as we were 18 months ago.
We really hope that you stay with us for the journey ahead...and G continues to be our biggest fan!!!

G shock


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