Introducing our Chairman


I have been asked by Victoria and Alison to introduce myself, so here goes……

I am William Mitchell and the Non-Executive Chairman of As Chairman, my role is to support Victoria and Alison in bringing their vision of to reality, including helping them navigate through the start-up process.

I’ve been inspired by Victoria and Alison’s vision to revolutionise the world of professionals in the independent social care sector - in particular I’m excited by the opportunity for hard working professionals to take control of their careers, to enhance their skills and to build a real community of like-minded aspirational professionals.

I feel that as the community grows it will be able to form and give ‘voice’ about issues relevant to the sector and create change for the better about how independent social care is structured and delivered in the UK. This could have a major impact upon service delivery.   

In supporting Victoria and Alison, I bring a wealth of international business experience to having been a director of public and private companies for over 25 years. I retired from full time executive roles in 2016. I’m currently Non-Executive Chairman of two start-ups and a Trustee of a student based charity.

I’m really looking forward to the challenges ahead and working with Victoria and Alison.


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